We built our 50+ page website in 30 days.  That is pure "Google Magic".

After trying 5 other web-builders we found WIX. 

We are SO VERY GRATEFUL we did.  Not only did they have some of the BEST looking web-building templates out there, it was the easiest and most cutting edge (HTML5) builder with free basic hosting, or cheap premium hosting.  You can build a site for free to try it out, which is nice.  The only problem with that is you get a URL with a combo of your email, WIX, and the name you really want.  The good news is, that it allows you time to try it for free.  If you upgrade to the  premium hosting you can get the private domain name you want, or you can transfer one you already have. 

Honestly, I don't think we could have built this website without WIX.  And now we don't need to pay anyone to maintain our site.  It is a VERY intuitive drag and drop builder with EXCELLANT WIX phone support.  We talked to those guys a lot, and they walked us through anything we had trouble with.

You do not need any coding knowledge to build a website with WIX.  We are not techy's at all.  We are do-gooders that wanted to use the internet to spread gratitude.  We want any and all proceeds we receive to go towards our mission...not big salaries or costly website maintenance fees.  If you run any kind of small business, we think you will love WIX as much as we do.  That is the simple truth.

If you do decide to try WIX please use our link below.  It will not cost you anything more, and we will get a small referral fee which will help to support our mission to spread global gratitude.

We loved building our site on WIX....and think you will too!