Gratitude mural study

Help us make man kind.  We welcome you to co-create this global mural for humanity.  What does kindness mean to you?  Let your inner artist loose & share your creation with the world by contributing your art to this global mural. The MAN KIND mural is intended to be a lesson & creation for all students of life, with no boundaries for age, race, religion, country...or artistic skill level.

As we create a documentary film by the same name, with your help, we will create this global "master-peace" as well.  This heARTful creation will be the thread that ties the interviews together.  The mural will be put together in a mosaic style with contributions from many individuals, including those we interview.  Imagine:  one piece of art with contributions from the Dalai Lama, and Warren Buffet, along side that of a factory worker from Detroit & a child from Thailand....all sharing views on what makes man...kind. 

Our film & art will demonstrate that although we may live in various parts of the globe, & practice different cultures & religion, the language of humanity is universal.  It is our belief that “If you never learn the language of gratitude, you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.” 

Our “soul” mission is to spread positive values, which thereby spreads happiness, hope & peace.  Essentially, this art & film is a “how to” message to mankind, on the benefits of creating a daily practice of the virtues that make man…kind.

The message: We can conquer wars of heart & country with contagious gratitude, compassion, love & forgiveness as weapons of mass creation.

Be part of this global collaborative work of


Making Man Kind...the mural

About the Mural: The earth is represented by an upside-down heart shape. A Male and female hand create the roots of a "Jewel Tree".  Tibetans call their cherished tradition of Buddhism a wish-fulfilling "jewel tree" for its power to generate bliss and enlightenment within all who absorb its teachings.  The Jewel tree branches create an almost mirror image of the heart earth.  

The tree branches reach up towards the horizon where there is a glowing orb shape.  This represents the energy or light source of creation.  If viewed upside-down the mural is still artistically balanced, as the tree roots both grow from the earth and cradle the earth when flipped the other way. The energy source also has a relationship with earth & the tree (mankind) either direction.

The round shape of the leaves were chosen to represent a global unity of all humanity;  our sameness.  Science has proven that all things, including man, are energy.  Since energy parts such as electrons, neutrons, and protons are round, so are the leafs of "Man Kind".  The orb shaped leaves will include contributions from "artist" of all ages spanning the globe.  

Many of the symbolic gestures of the mural are echoed in the film.    We pose these questions to all "students of life" that contribute to this mural:  What does kindness mean to you?  What virtues would a kind man posse?  What was the kindest thing someone ever did for you?  What was the kindest thing you ever did for someone else?  What was the kindest act you ever witnessed or heard about?  Why is being kind important?  Everyone is an artist, you do not need special skills to contribute to this mural.  Follow you heART.  It knows the way.  Your creation is welcomed.    :)

Examples from other "Singing Trees" by author, educator & artist Laurie Marshall.

"Making Man Kind" mural study before leaves are added


Express your artistic ideas of kindness

on a 2"-4" circle.

Be sure to cover all the white space with color.

This is your jewel kindness leaf that we will add to 

the global "Making Man Kind" mural.

  Use  acid free paper & colored pencils or acrylic paint.  

Snail mail it to: SGR-Mural  640 S. Monroe, Hinsdale, IL 60521

Send the release along with your name & country on the back

If you send or email a photo of yourself  with your art,

you might appear in the movie credits.

Submitting art constitues an agreement with the terms found in the art release form below


For beautiful sterling silver & stone "Blessing Bracelets" 


The "Making Man Kind" mural will be recognized as the 29th mural in a series of collaborative paintings called "The Singing Tree Project".  Our contribution to this project will be known as "Making Man Kind:  The Jewel Singing Tree of Kindness".   This project was inspired by an 8 year old girl  who asked, "What if the whole world made a painting together?"  Thus far, over 12,000 people  have created a forest of "Singing Trees".  Each painting honors trees as essential to human life and explores a theme.  They are exhibited throughout schools, government offices, hospitals, churches and community centers throughout the world.  Free instructions are available for you and your community to add to the forest.  Explore more information on Laurie Marshall & The Singing Tree Project,       

Download the Free Singing Tree for Educators lesson plan to create your own tree

Making Man...Kind in progress: