"I AM ONE"  Leather & Stainless steel Man-band with a meaning message & reminder.
The tag reads: "We are one. We belong to a great & diverse family called man…kind. We are all branches of the same tree & kindness is the universal language we speak. This band is a gift to you that celebrates & honors our sameness. While we enjoy wonderful advances in technology, let's not forget our human connection to each other, Whenever you are drawn to this band, take pause to appreciate the beauty of the connectedness around you.For each letter engraved embrace intentional gratitude for the kindness of the friends you know & those you have yet to meet; they are the leaves in the forest that is your life.

We can conquer wars of heart & country with contagious gratitude, compassion, humility, forgiveness & acceptance, as our weapons of mass creation. After all, we are man…kind."