Making Man...Kind

A Film that explores the values & virtues that make man...kind.

Facebook post (Feb. 1, 2013), by the His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

“We have to think and see how we can fundamentally change our education system so that we can train people to develop warm-heartedness early on in order to create a healthier society. I don’t mean we need to change the whole system, just improve it. We need to encourage an understanding that inner peace comes from relying on human values like, love, compassion, tolerance and honesty, and that peace in the world relies on individuals finding inner peace.”


Based on the success of our film, we will be creating a special educator edition, that will include the integration of our free lesson plans.  These plans support the development of positive virtues & values.  This edition will be translated to many languages & distributed to schools & libraries around the world.

Ages 3 to 100 are invited to CO-CREATE this global heARTful


Making Man Kind mural "Study" before leaves are added

Our Director of photography's latest short, INSIDE INDIA:

Brett Novak and Kilian Martin are an extraordinarily talented & creative professional skateboard and filmmaking team.  


Kilian performs athletic artistry as if his skateboard was an extension of his body, and Brett is an incredibly gifted filmmaker, with a beautifully artistic eye.  The online following of this dynamic team is represented by millions.  This duo will lend a creative powerful energy to the documentary.

The MAKING MAN...KIND MURAL will come to life as Kilian and Brett work their film and athletic magic....skating up, on and around this world mural.....complimented with Albert Einstein quotes.

​“Making Man…kind” is a documentary style film, that explores the values & virtues that make man, kind.  With all the wonderful technological advances of today, we often forget the importance of our human connection to each other.  Gratitude, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, humility, tolerance, love & empathy are some of the traits that make man…kind.   Many of the worlds most engaging speakers from science, academia, entertainment, sports, business, authors, & spiritual leaders, will all share their thoughts and insights.  While experts and ordinary people share information & stories that relate to the meaning & acts of kindness, we will be filming the creation of a global collaborative mural by the same name.  This heARTful creation will be the thread that binds the interviews together. 

The mural will be put together in a mosaic style with contributions from many individuals, including those we interview.  Imagine one piece of art with contributions from the Dalai Lama, and Warren Buffet, along side that of a factory worker from Detroit & a child from Thailand....all sharing views on what makes man...kind. 

Our film will demonstrate that although we may live in various parts of the globe, & practice different cultures & religion, the language of humanity is universal.  Let's not just teach our youths to count, but let's teach them WHAT counts!  And let's remind ourselves of the same.  

It is our belief that, “If you never learn the language of gratitude, you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.”

We intend to produce a film with prolific popularity, but whose mission is purely one of giving.  Our “soul” mission is to spread positive values, which thereby spreads happiness, hope & peace.  Essentially, this film is a “how to” message to mankind, on the benefits of creating a daily practice of the virtues that make man…kind.

The message: We can conquer wars of heart & country with contagious gratitude, compassion, generosity & forgiveness as weapons of mass creation.

Watch for opportunities to be actively in-volved, in "Making Man...Kind".



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