Teach the youth of the world to

GROW a habit of GRATITUDE!

Thank you for your commitment to teaching.  The lessons you teach our youh are invaluable.  


Thank you for teaching our children the merits of positive character traits such as GRATITUDE, honesty, integrity, compassion, determination, kindness, humility, forgiveness, loyalty, patience, respect, leadership, honor, hard work, friendship, & vision.


Gratitude, empathy & philanthropy, can all be learned.  The earlier a habit is formed, the more likely it is to impact a life, and the lives of others.  Let's teach the youth of today, and the leaders of tomorrow.....to be more grateful.

We have crafted free lesson plans that can be integrated into preschool education...all the way to higher education.  These plans can be included as as an enrichment to a regular curriculum, or as part of a standard writing, health, or sociology course.


Don't just teach kids to count, teach them WHAT counts:

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   Age 3-6....
How they develop...

  • At this age children are developing and using language skills.

  • They experience by doing, and are eager to learn.

​• Developing self-esteem is a central issue at this age.

• This age group is learning to use standards like grades or soccer goals to measure his performance.
• Home is still very important and is the foundation for your child to becoming independent.
• They begin comparing themselves against other people's expectations.

By age 5 they are become aware that they are one of many people in the world. Up to this time, most children are focused primarily on themselves. 
• Your child is developing the social skills to make friends.
• Your child is a wonderful mimic. They imitate both good and bad adult behavior.
• Your child is able to communicate well with others without your help.

   Age 7-12....
How they develope...

Between the ages of 7 and 12 years, a child is in what is known as middle childhood, the time just before teenage adolescence. A child this age is developing in many ways, including morally. His moral development can involve honesty, loyalty, responsibility, kindness, empathy, respect and forgiveness.


•   The child usually begins talking about future career goals (firemen, doctors, policeman, nurses and super heroes are popular choices).
•   Rituals, rules, secret codes, and belonging to clubs are all common during this time of life.
•   Children in this stage often develop some real fears such as fear of failure and rejection. Fear of school replaces the earlier fear of monsters.
•    Children often fantasize and daydream about what their futures may have in store. Career role-playing is common.
•    Children during this stage should begin to have more complex problem solving skills. With some adult help and training, children should be able to make plans to achieve goals.
•   Children during this stage are usually into hobbies and collecting things as a form of mental stimulation.
•   As children are now in school full-time, reading and writing skills should be advancing at a steady pace.

  Age 13 & up.....
How they develope...

Adolescence is a time of growth, development and change. Your teen will develop emotionally and socially as well as physically. This development may seem seamless to you, but there are distinct things happening in your teenager's social and emotional development that are helping them become who they are going to be - helping them to form their identity.

  • Creating own personal identity based upon the integration of values and a sense of self in relation to society, others, the opposite sex, the future, vocations, ideas, and the cosmos. To establish independence from the family.

  • Beginning to integrate knowledge leading to decisions about the future.

  • Strongly invested in social relationships.

  • Conflicting feelings about dependance and independence.

  • Confused and disappointed by discrepancies between stated values and actual behavior of friends and family.

  • Strong verbal and writting skills.


 There are many more plans in the works so PLEASE check back again soon.

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Print this gratitude journal for use in the lesson plans.

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